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Who are we? Get to know us here.

Champions Football KC is here to provide football games which will be played on High School Turf fields in and around the Kansas City area.  The facilities we use are some of the best in the entire area.  These stadiums provide not only our football players the best fields, but also incredible opportunities for cheer squads to participate on the track area alongside their community teams.  It also allows ample parking for friends and family to park in the school parking lots and seating in the grandstands to watch their favorite players as they compete.

Champions Football KC for the youth of our communities!

Champions Football KC not only has current members, but also has numerous opportunities for Co-Op games for additional teams that may have an open weekend to fill with a game from a team of like strength.  This is possible due to our desire to create D1, as well as D2 divisions.
  1. Team Cost?
    Your team cost for tackle is very reasonable at $200 per game. Flag is only $100 per game. Insurance is an additional cost of approximately $20 per tackle player, and $10 per Flag player.
  2. We play on Turf!
    All games will be played on Turf fields in High School Stadiums in our own communities. Join early to get your community involved.
  3. Parking - Plenty of room! / Seating - Grandstands!
    Because we play in High School Stadiums we have plenty of room for parking on hand for all of our families. The convenience of Grandstands allows room for all spectators with great sight lines.
  4. Cheer - Welcomed!
    If your community has a team playing, there is no charge for any Cheer squads. They are allowed to perform on the track behind their teams! This is a much safer location for a cheer squad to perform.
  5. Grade Divisions Available - Flag & Tackle
    It is our intent to offer Flag Football in 4 different age groups: K/1, 2/3, 4/5, 6 Tackle will be offered as follows: 2&3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Team Coordination
  1. Jeff Broadbent
    will handle team coordination for all teams interested.
  2. Jennifer Roberts
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